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FAQ Tile Murals

All common questions and answers

 What products do you offer?

We specialize in selling high-quality tile murals, available in two types of materials: ceramic and porcelain. Each of these products is designed for different purposes and offers unique features. They can be customized according to your design preference and size requirements, offering a wide range of possibilities for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles offer unique features. Ceramic tiles are ideal for all indoor wall applications. They exhibit a water absorption capacity, approximately 14%, ensuring strength and durability for all bathroom and shower walls. These tiles are created using advanced digital printing technology. However, they do not have UV protection. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are manufactured to be robust and versatile. They can be used on both indoor and outdoor walls, are perfect for pool surroundings, and provide protection against UV rays. These tiles are kiln-fired for 16 hours at 900 degrees, ensuring durability and longevity. They're frostproof and come with a warranty of 25 years.

Absolutely! We understand that each space is unique, and therefore, we offer customization options for all our tile murals. You can customize both the design and the size of your tile mural to suit your specific decor and architectural requirements.

While we concentrate on providing high-quality tile murals, we do not currently offer installation services. Our main goal is to ensure the tile mural reaches you in perfect condition. However, we are more than happy to guide you or your chosen professional through the installation process whenever necessary.

If you're not completely satisfied with your tile mural, we have a 30-day return policy in place, provided that the tiles retain their original quality. Please contact our customer service team to initiate the return process.

Our ceramic tiles have been crafted for indoor wall applications, and as such, they do not come with UV protection. If you're looking for tiles that offer UV protection, we recommend our porcelain tiles, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Indeed, porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for pool areas. They are manufactured to resist water absorption and are also UV protected to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight. This makes them the perfect choice not only for pool areas.

Each of our porcelain tiles comes with a 25-year warranty, which is a testament to their outstanding quality and durability and against fading of the colors.

Absolutely. We employ state-of-the-art security measures to ensure our customers have a safe and secure shopping experience. All transactions are encrypted, and we adhere to stringent data privacy guidelines to protect your personal and financial information.

Yes, delivery times can vary based on your specific location, product of choice and weight of your order. Once your order is placed, we will provide an estimated delivery date. Rest assured, we will make every effort to ensure your order arrives as soon as possible.

Yes, once your order has been shipped, a tracking number will be provided. You can use this number to monitor the progress of your delivery. If there are any issues or delays, our customer service is ready to assist you.

Absolutely! Our porcelain tiles are kiln-fired at an intense heat of 900 degrees for 16 hours, which makes them highly resistant to temperature extremes. This heat treatment also enhances their hardness and durability, making them perfect for various applications.

Yes, both our ceramic and porcelain tile murals are suitable for high moisture environments such as kitchens or bathrooms. They are designed to resist water absorption, making them ideal for such applications. However, it's essential to maintain them properly to ensure their longevity.

We take the utmost care to package our products to avoid damage during transit. However, if you receive a damaged tile, please contact our customer service immediately. We will arrange for a replacement or a refund as per your preference.

Shipping costs depend on your location and the size of the order. All shipping costs will be clearly listed during the checkout process. For any queries related to shipping charges, feel free to contact our customer service.

Our porcelain tile murals are ideal for outdoor use. They are UV protected, frost proof, and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor wall applications. However, our ceramic tile murals are recommended for indoor use only.

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