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Serene Seascape: Dawn/Dusk ...

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a serene seascape with this stunning tile mural. The artwork captures the magical moments of dawn or dusk, presenting a soothing symphony of pastel hues. Dominated by soft pinks, peaches, and muted blues, the color palette evokes a sense of calm and harmony, making it a perfect addition to any space that craves a touch of peaceful allure.

The composition of the artwork is thoughtfully divided into three main layers. The uppermost layer portrays a sky filled with elongated, horizontal clouds, their smooth, flowing lines reflecting the ambient light in various shades of blue, grey, and subtle pink. This stylized representation of the sky adds to the overall calm and aesthetic appeal of the artwork.

The sun, depicted as a large, round entity, is strategically positioned just above the horizon line and slightly off-center to the right. Its soft glow permeates the sky and the water below, creating a mesmerizing effect. The sun's lighter shade of pink offers a gentle contrast against the surrounding sky, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

The lower portion of the artwork is dedicated to the calm sea, its surface mirroring the colors of the sky above. The subtle depiction of waves and the sun's reflection on the water enhances the sense of depth and tranquility, transporting the viewer to a serene coastal setting.

Adding life to the scene is a sailboat, the artwork's focal point, placed in the lower right quadrant. The sailboat, with its sails filled by the wind, suggests motion and adventure. The clean lines and geometric shapes of the boat, along with the simple silhouettes of the crew, add a sense of scale and life to the otherwise still scene.

The modern and minimalist style of the artwork, with its focus on color blocking and absence of intricate detail, emphasizes the overall mood and simplicity of the scene. The square canvas, framed and hung on a concrete wall, adds a contemporary touch to the presentation. The smooth gradients in the sky and water hint at a digital creation, likely crafted using vector graphics or digital painting techniques.

This tile mural is an ideal choice for those who appreciate modern, minimalist design and find solace in natural subject matter. Its calming color palette and tranquil scene will bring a sense of peace and harmony to any space, making it a perfect addition to your home or office.


Best application for:
Light commercial applications such as offices or small shops. Residential use in kitchens, bathroom, family rooms, backsplash. Indoor walls.
Not suitable
Pools, Fountains, direct fire


Best application for:
Light commercial applications such as offices or small shops. Residential and commercial use in kitchens, bathroom, family rooms, backsplash. Indoor and all Outdoor walls and floors and pools.
Not suitable

High traffic floors

8 mm
Weight per 8" Tiles
0.69 kg
0.68 kg
Weight per 6" Tile
0.51 kg
0.52 kg
Indoor Walls
Indoor, Outdoor, Pools
Matte or Glossy
Matte or Glossy
Water Absorption
> 3%
UV Light Resistant
Warranty OEM 25 Years
PEI Grade
Exact size  7.89 inches  7.8435 inches

Our mural sizes coming in different formats.

1:1 Ratio
18x18" on 6" 3x3  6 Inch Tiles 
24x24" on 6" 4x4  6 Inch tiles
24x24" on 8" 3x3  8 Inch Tiles 
30x30" on 6" 5x5  6 Inch Tiles
32x32" on 8" 4x4  8 Inch Tiles
40x40" on 8" 5x5  8 Inch Tiles


2:1 Ratio

36x18" on 6" 6x3  6 Inch Tiles 
48x24" on 6" 8x4  6 Inch tiles
48x24" on 8" 6x3  8 Inch Tiles 
60x30" on 6" 10x5 6 Inch Tiles
64x32" on 8" 8x4  8 Inch Tiles
80x40" on 8" 10x5  8 Inch Tiles


1:2 Ratio

18x36" on 6" 3x6  6 Inch Tiles 
24x48" on 6" 4x8  6 Inch tiles
24x48" on 8" 3x6  8 Inch Tiles 
30x60" on 6" 5x10 6 Inch Tiles
32x64" on 8" 4x8  8 Inch Tiles
40x80" on 8" 5x10  8 Inch Tiles




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How long will it take to receive my completed order?

Most orders are shipped within 5 business days from the date of purchase. The shipping from Spain takes another 5-8 Days. However, since all of our tiles are custom-made, there may be a slight delay in delivery. If you need your tiles in a hurry, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

If you are not happy with your tiles, you may return them but there are some restrictions. You must contact us before returning the tiles and you must ship them back to us within 30 days of receiving them. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs, including insurance. Refunds are only given if the tiles are returned in their original and new condition. Tiles that are altered in any way and custom sized murals may not be returned.

If your tiles arrive damaged, you should notify us within 72 hours of receiving your tiles. We will re-make your tiles and ship them to you at our expense. We ask that you keep the damaged items and all packaging material for shipper's inspection and pick up as we will make a claim with the shipper. All orders that are shipped with UPS and Fedex are fully insured but your cooperation with UPS and FedEx is necessary to file a damage claim.

Yes, we do custom work for our clients all the time. We realize each installation is unique so if you need a specific size let us know, we can help. If you need colors tweaked we can do that too.  Our artists on staff are happy to work with you, to help you get the look you want

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